top 10 of the year

These are my top tens of the year, hope you enjoy

10: candy cane cotag

9: songs

8: movies

7: pen-pals

6: Karm feild trip

5: reading buddies

4: Lucas bands

3: awards

2:tukeheche caverns

1: wonderworks

That was my top 10 of my year and the last time I use my blog, goodbye!

week 36 post

Hi, this is my 36 week post and is my last one I will ever do in my life at Rockhill school. So, we did our feild day and I lost every event that I entered. We did not do a Q and U wedding. We sold a lot of buddy bands and made $2,300 dollors while doing it for Lucas. The kid with cancer, at the age of seven,The end.

34 post

This is my 34 week post and I have lots to talk and tell you about and it is very interesting. We went on a field trip to KARM. They help people who are homeless and are going through a hard time. People go there for food and shelter. Also, they help people get an education and learn about how to save money. That is all are time today, see you later.

week 33

welcome to my 33 week of blogging. And I have lots to talk about today. First, we had to do half of are TN Ready test because the people who make the test stop making them. Second, we did the year book, received it I mean. Third, I am making scrips for a movie. and that ends my post goodbye!

Week 32 post

Hello readers of my blog this week I am working on a scrip. Second, we are making movies that is why we are making scrips. Third, Aaron is working on becoming TICKET TO READ CHAMPION. Yes another one for this class. There has already been 5 so this is going to be the 6th one for this class bye.

Week 31 post

Hi I am Leif and this is my week 31 post. Here we are making movies that were made by a kid in are class. We are also having a fundraiser for a kid named Lucas and he has cancer. So here is the video that went with the fundraiser. I can’t get it to work so get rid of that idea. But, we are doing are TN ready testing soon and we have been doing lots of practice tests and quizzes all week. We are having another pizza party today. Yes, a 6th pizza party and it is awesome to have them all the time. We have finished are new songs and are going to not do another for a long time. I did not like it. Well, this sums up all we did this week so bye!

week 30 post

This is my 30th post to my site. We are going to make movies which will be amazing. We are finishing are songs ( Huray! ). We had are track and feild meet yesterday and I was not pertisipating in the events because me and many others were not chosen for it. well, this ends my week 30 post bye!

week 28

This is my 28th week of school. This week we went on a field trip. The trip was to Tukaleechee cavern. It was fun and we went through the whole cave ( well, only the open parts of the cave ). We went to one room that they turn of the light and apparently you can’t see your hand. I could see my hand though. This concludes my 28 post. Goodbye!